New installment of outdoor dummies gives us deer poachers, bait thieves

I really enjoy getting feedback from any of my 29 semi-regular readers. And the feedback I have been getting recently is, with the exception of the feral cats column, overwhelmingly in favor of more dumb outdoor crook stories.

So, since I try to remain on the cutting edge of journalistic excellence, here are some more dummies to chuckle over. Oh, and the names of the guilty have been changed to prevent further embarrassment.

Dear, oh deer

Ton Millbower lives in the Town of Mexico, Oswego County. And he sure must enjoy the taste of venison. It seems he spotted a deer grazing in a field, so he shot it.

However, there were just a few problems involved with his activities. He was sitting in his car at the time. It was stopped on a public highway. The deer was a doe, and he did not have a doe permit. The car (and he) were within 500 feet of several homes at the time. And, one of those homeowners happened to be standing in his front yard watching that deer when it suddenly dropped dead.

The environmental conservation officers who investigated the incident ended up writing him for a number of serious violations. They also wrote up his neighbor for loaning him a doe permit for the deer, which didn’t make for good neighborly relations. Then the officers left.

However, that same day, about 6 p.m., another ECO received an anonymous tip that there were two other deer at the Millbower residence. So the two ECOs went to Millbower’s home, saw a deer hanging in an open shed, and checked it out.

It appeared to be legal. However, there was a bloody rope hanging next to the buck that appeared to have held another deer.

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