Birding, hunting, fishing, family endeavors cast shining light

In reviewing all 52 outdoor stories I wrote for 2021, I definitely saw a trend, and I’m actually quite proud of the message they delivered when viewed as a complete package.

The picture painted was one of the beauty of our outdoors, along with the people who protect it, to those who excel in it and to those who make sure we don’t forget it.

Sprinkled in are many of my outdoor excursions, offering the reader new places to visit, new ways to enjoy the outdoors and new adventures to take on. The following is a review of 2021, in no particular order, through my outdoor stories.

It all starts out with a big name in birding

It started with one of my best-read stories of the year as I chronicled the 66-year-history of Roger Troutman participating in the National Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count.

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