Gemini is expected to go in self-introspection; Check out astrological predictions for all zodiac signs

Weekly Horoscope January 3 to January 9, 2022&nbsp

Another week is all set to unfold in front of us and of course, it signifies new beginnings with fresh opportunities. It’s time to leave behind 2021 and welcome the first full week of 2022 with as much enthusiasm as you can muster. From monitoring your health to making career moves, don’t forget to check out how the stars have aligned for you this week. 

Here’s looking at whether the coming week will be spent in leisure, or is it time to pull up your socks and hustle:

Without further ado, here’s your weekly horoscope for January 3 to January 9, 2022:


For the natives of Aries Zodiac Sign this week is expected to be quite favourable. However you can expect minor ups and downs. But you won’t mind as you would be capable enough to overcome any challenges that you face. The natives of Aries can expect advances in their work and profession. You might receive a well deserved favour from your supervisor or your boss. This can initiate significant career advancement. You might even get lucky in your career front or your profession. Hence do not hesitate to ask for help and be ready to take a calculated risk. You might come up with creative ideas in your workplace. Natives who are associated with fashion and designing careers are likely to see advancement. Job professionals may seek guidance from their female colleagues this week. Such guidance is expected to be for your own interests. Those who are in a committed relationship or love affair should develop a let-go attitude. This may empower you to enjoy some precious moments with your partner. This week favours happy relationships and you are likely to spend quality time with your loved one. However it is advisable not to get stubborn while you are with your lover. Married couples may have a great time ahead as they are likely to spend quality time with them. At the beginning of the week you might indulge in a lot of fun and frolic with your partner. This week, you can also initiate a long sorted travel plan. Hence, get ready to pack your bags and have some fun. Especially married couples who may plan to go on a trip with their partner. It is advisable to maintain a good balance between your personal and professional life. Overall, you may have a peaceful week ahead.


The natives of the Taurus Zodiac Sign are expected to have an average week ahead. There might be certain health and finance-related issues, but you may be able to come out of the week smoothly with your superior planning. The beginning of the week is likely to be relatively smooth for most of you. The natives are likely to go through certain finance-related issues. Also, you are expected to face certain health-related issues. You are advised to take good care of your health. These troubles are not going to last long. Hence, you should be patient and keep being positive. The current planetary combination is in conflict with your Zodiac Sign and the ruling lord to a very great extent this week. Hence you are expected to be alert and careful this week. This week you should work hard to keep your health in good shape. Also, have a solid plan in place to save money and work towards acquiring wealth. Continuously keep the faith and pray for the circumstances to improve. Remember that any travel undertaken during this period is not likely to accrue any benefits to you this week. Hence avoid going on any trips, either business-related or for leisure. Beneficial and desirable results might look far-reaching. Aries natives might find themselves in a difficult situation where they might see any benefits accruing to them. However, your health might continue to deteriorate. If you have to go for any trips or make any travel plans do it after recovering well from health concerns. Pack all of your belongings before embarking upon a journey. You never know what you might need when. This gain does not let the money trail go out of control. You should be accountable for each penny you spend.


For the natives of the Gemini sign, this week is expected to go in self-introspection. The natives are likely to connect with themselves and find new focus in life. You are also expected to go through certain changes. The natives might realize the value of self-analysis this week. They can very much make things as per their likings this week. Turning things, the natives of the Gemini Zodiac sign know very well how to do it! You are also made aware to accept the fact that certain things might change in the coming days. Hence have patience and just go with the flow. You are advised to build a plan so that last-minute pressure might not come on you. You can foresee what is about to come, and you are good at making judgements. You are advised to clear all the backlogs and rework all the projects that have been due. That is not the right approach to take. Take actions for your ideas. A practical approach to life and the events is going to be of immense help to you this week. Your sleep might get disturbed because of your over-thinking nature. Hence do not waste your energy and time on overthinking events, and do not let your memory hamper your creativity. Your sleep may get disturbed this week. Try to rest as much as possible. When it comes to communication, this week is crucial. Try to have meaningful and healthy communication with your spouse and your business partner. You might even incur expenses for religious work. When it comes to working, research-related jobs are rewarding this week. Even the ones in teaching and mentoring careers are likely to be rewarded well. There are chances of suddenly getting success in the medical profession. Hence those who are in such fields are likely to gain this week.


The natives of the Cancer sign are expected to get monetary gains. The natives are likely to build a sorted and robust relationship with their partners this week. Experience a smooth week ahead. This week is good for the natives as they are likely to earn money from all the possible directions! Your bank balance will see a substantial influx this week. This will be a good opportunity for you to make some sound investment decisions. However, you must check the details before you make investments. Walk on a path that has been explored, and don’t take an off-track road this week when it comes to money. Certain sources of money might come as a surprise to you. Married natives may have improved relationships with your spouse. This will be more so because you are having open communication with your partner. For the natives in committed relationships, you are likely to develop deeper bonds with your partner. The ones who are single are also likely to meet someone that they might fall. It could be that you might decide to settle down. You are likely to make all the possible attempts to live your life to the best this week. However, the natives might find themselves stuck in the matter of their career this week. There could be some confusion, and you might be in two minds. But, remember, in such a situation, you should consult someone who could guide you. There might be some trouble in the initial part of the week. The desired result might not just come if you are going to hold yourself firmly in the trying times. But you should take it as a lesson rather than getting disappointed. Overall, you may get mixed results.


Leo natives may get a favourable time as they will be moving in the right direction. This week may bring someone special into your life. Your partner is likely to give you the strength that you need. This week is likely to be harmonious for you. Peace is there with you this week. Your philosophy may guide you to make the right decisions. This week you can rely upon your better judgements and decisions. In fact, you might feel thankful that you are capable of making sound personal decisions. For the Leo natives, this week is not a good time to take elaborate risks. Now is not the right time to expand your business. This is not the right time to develop a new business venture. Instead, focus on taking safe and calculated risks. This is likely to be beneficial on the monetary front. Also, do not spend unnecessarily. Those who are looking to get married might come across certain interesting alliances. Especially those who are actively looking to get married are waiting for good surprises. Relax and enjoy the good phase that this week comes along with. You are likely to encounter a positive outcome by the end of the week. This week you are likely to make amends with the people with whom you might have experienced strained relationships in the past. You may try to repent for any mistake that you might have committed in the past. This week Leo students may get a reward for their hard-work and talent. Keep moving ahead with your purpose. Some of the natives might be looking to make new friends this week. Your efforts may not go in vain.


Virgo natives can expect a favourable time this week. There could be certain challenges you might be required to deal with. However, you are advised to keep your patience this week. The natives might come across mixed influences of planets this week. Your personal or professional might go through certain complicated situations. Remember, things were not this bad, and they will not remain this bad forever. You might experience positive results this week but quite gradually. Your job might give you fulfilment. Your work could ease up a little bit this week. Now is a good time to exert your position firmly. Remember, there is no escape from being firm to consolidate your position this week. You need to run the show quite encouragingly this week. Certain phases might come when you would want to give up, especially in relationships this week. There could be some disturbances in your long term relationships. However, you can manage things smoothly. Keep away your doubts so that you can have a pleasant week. As far as your connections are concerned, you would get respite out of them. Financial gains are very much insight this week. Things might not be very smooth sailing this week. You might face some financial challenges, do not let them come in your way. Virgo students are advised to remain focused this week because lack of concentration might disturb their academic goals. Their performance might improve gradually during the latter part of the week. The planetary position suggests the same. As far as health and well-being are concerned, this week is likely to be good for you. However, do keep a check on your energy levels. You might feel drained this week.


Natives belonging to the Libra sign are likely to be on the progressive path. However there might be some challenges initially that you may able to come across with ease. This week might start with certain complications. Certain issues of the past might pose challenges during the start of the week. Also, you are likely to make progress as the week progresses. It is up to you to identify them and tap them to your benefit. Your timely response will play a crucial role for you to be able to take the right opportunities. You can better control the environment you are in and the situations that might come in your life. As the week progresses, you will see progress in your attitude as well. When it comes to the matters of money, this week will bring improvement. Certain finances that were stuck initially might be available this week. However, you are advised to remain cautious, especially during the middle of the week, as you may have to face certain difficult situations. You might get disturbed due to some disturbance. Unexpected events are likely to occur. As far as your personal relationships are concerned, this week will be good. Your relationships are in good space. Your partner is in a happy zone. If you are willing to take your relationships to the next level, then this week can prove to be fruitful. You might make some important decisions along with your partner. For the students, the week is likely to be progressive as well. You should not put your mind to multiple things as it may create hassles for you. Healthwise, you may maintain good health in the coming days. You are likely to improve your fitness as well. Overall, it could be the normal time for your health.


This week could be no less than a surprise for the natives of Scorpio. Overall the week would pass. Therefore, you are advised to remain grounded. At the beginning of the week, you may get a good start as per your expectation. Your colleagues or peers might be the ones planning a surprise for you. So, you may have pleasant times in your life. You may uplift your mood. The week might elevate your senses. And all of this is the result of your hard work. You might feel a sense of achievement this week. Your efforts are paying off. This might motivate you to keep doing the good work that you have been doing for some time. What matters, in the end, is your hard work. So, following that, you can expect positive results in your life. The relationships would see some progress. There may no displeasure coming from any sphere of your life this week. You may spend quality time with your partner or your spouse. You may find a happy space in your relationship, which may fill you up with positivity. Single natives are likely to get good news. You might find someone with whom you may want to settle down. So, you should be ready for the next step. Wedding ceremonies are on the cards this week for singles. A romantic association is proving to be good for you. You are advised to not complain about the way things are rolling this week. Because in the end, everything is about moving on. You may get monetary gains. Also, you may suddenly plan for a short vacation with your family members. This may help you to feel elevated in all possible ways. You may carry down to earth personality for the coming days.


For the natives of the Sagittarius sign, the coming week is expected to be quite interesting. There would be highs, and there might be lows as well. However, you may ride through any lows and keep your head on your shoulder at the highs. Sagittarius natives can expect a week full of interesting ups and downs. Therefore, you should be prepared for a challenging time ahead. You might be rewarded for your hard work. However, you might also need to keep your patience this week. This week you might also notice a slight shift in your attitude. The time is expected to be in your favour for all the challenges. Your approach would be quite straightforward this week. You may want to put in all the hard work to achieve success through your efforts. You are not particularly keen on depending on luck for any achievements. You might also see this week coming strongly on you, especially about the concerns for your future that might be bothering you. You might want to make a strong decision for your future this week. You might feel strongly for others, and these would not be good feelings. A strong grudge might overpower your thought process. However, remember not to bother yourself because what you could do best you have been doing. This is your life, and only you are in charge of it. You may make your own decisions, and you can very well decide what kind of life you want to lead. Living with resentment is not a very wise way of existing. You might get fearful, anxious and worrisome this week. Undue criticism would be poisonous for you. All of these emotions might restrain you from performing your best. Your spontaneity and freedom might be restrained this week. The aloofness of your co-workers might also bother you. You may have the chances are high that this week you can end up feeling drained. You may seek motivation and encouragement this week. You might embark upon short trips, especially for your business.


Individuals carrying the Capricorn sign may have an interesting time this week. This is because it comes with some surprises, especially for the married natives. Financially this week might see some inflows. Singles may need to be somewhat alert this week. You are expected to get involved in certain misunderstandings. Hence you should keep yourself away from any controversies this week. The week might not favour your bold moves. The time is not right to make any major decisions. You are advised against getting entangled in other people’s issues as far as you are concerned. Mind your own business For the natives who are married and settled in their lives, there might be surprises in store for them, especially for the ones who are parents. Your children are going to make you very proud. And your family might earn a reputable name through your children. They are on the right track, and they are doing well in their lives. Some family get together might also come your way. IT would be a fun and enjoyable time. You are in the mood to socialize and share elaborate stories. The kids are expected to bring a lot of goodwill to their families. Fame may come your way through your children. They are expected to do very well in their academics. Those who are in college might be doing excellent. Especially in co-curricular activities, these natives are likely to excel. Parents are likely to encourage their children and spend more time with them. Jobseekers may have a wonderful time this week. A slightly different approach to job hunting is likely to work in your favour this week. The natives who are in the business of gambling and share market are expected to have a beneficial week ahead. Lucrative deals might come your way to increase your wealth. Publicity and enjoying new experiences might be on the cards. Speculations are likely to go right, which in turn would bring increased dividends this week.


Natives of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign some anxiousness are expected this week. You may find yourself being cheerful and joyful also. A time for self-introspection can heal you of your past. The natives are likely to deal with some high-intensity financial pressure this week. Out of the blue, you might find yourself trapped in a situation for which you were not at all prepared. There would be some tension, but your attitude can either make or break the solution. It might blow out of proportion this week. There could be some pressure from an issue pertaining to self-esteem. You are advised against overthinking this week. There is some reality attached to your thoughts, but things are not as bad as you imagine them to be. You might find yourself joyful this week. A sense of cheerfulness and satisfaction can come in from the second half of the week. This week you are likely to get into the zone of self-introspection. It may bring value to your life. You can sort things out from your perspective by applying your mind to matters that might not be as significant. You should keep what is necessary and let go of everything that is not significant. Your mindfulness can help you rise against everything mundane this week. The stress and strain that you experience on a routine basis can be quite daunting. You are advised to practice meditations to calm your nerves. This may give you the ability to face situations confidently. You may get the desired solutions that you want. You can deal with certain unfavourable conditions slightly because of your attitude. You should not play with your emotions this week. This week you are likely to make new friends. You may have a caring and loving group of people around you.


Pisces natives may have a busy week because of their hectic work schedule. You might have to undertake certain projects which might be of high priority. You may embark upon a journey this week. The week is expected to be quite busy for the natives. You might have some workload that might drain you out. You should not get anxious because of your work. Things are likely to get sorted out with the advance of the week. You might even have to take up travelling this week which can be related to your work. You might get introduced to some new clients. They may come up with profitable propositions which can help you with advancing your career. You might also get in touch with certain foreign clients as well. Mars may lend immense support this week, and you may have good guidance for your work. Your boss and supervisors would be quite supportive of you. This way, you should be able to upgrade your workspace. This week is good as far as financial inflows are concerned. There could be some unplanned expenditure, so you are advised to be cautious with the money flow this week. You are advised to take care of your health, and fitness should be your priority this week. You are advised not to skip your fitness routine. This week you may face certain sleeping discomfort. It is advisable not to use gadgets before bedtime. This week you understand very well the value of self-introspection and self-analysis. You may dig deeper within your thoughts to devise strategies to cope up with difficult times. You may make things move in your favour this week. In terms of love and relationships, this week may prove to be quite favourable. Your partner would be supportive of your decisions. This week may bring you closer to your partner. You are expected to develop a strong bonding with him or her.

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