Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi Trailer Breakdown: Droids, Luke

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After a couple of transient pictures of Kenobi travelling throughout Tatooine on some sort of mass transportation, posing as an bizarre citizen, we see what we imagine is a seemingly underwater room again within the Fortress Inquisitorius. There we see a brand new Inquisitor (Reva, performed by Moses Ingram) standing in entrance of two others. The one on the precise, with the round saber on his again, seems to be the Fifth Brother, presumably performed by F9‘s Sung Kang. There’s one other one there, however primarily based on the tails on the again of her heads, she’s most likely not the Brother’s ordinary companion, the Seventh Sister. This one appears to be new. (Reva’s full title within the Inquistorius is, within the dichotomy of Brother/Sister pairings, the Third Sister.)

Additionally of be aware are the Imperial Stormtroopers right here. This assembly is totally endorsed by Vader and the Emperor.

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