Finally, a day that felt like spring…

After being in one in every of solely two boats on the water on the fifteenth, I headed out for what I anticipated to be the a soothing solo journey on March 18th. The vernal equinox was nonetheless a pair days away, but it surely felt like a heat, sunny day or two was not less than slightly overdue.

On Tuesday, the floor temp had stayed underneath 40 all day. Simply barely underneath, however the milestone temp had not but been reached. On the 18th, it was 43.1 after I put the boat within the water simply after 7AM, and by the point I left at 2:30, it was over 44!
I had a success on my third solid at my first cease. Set the hook, felt like a great fish. Then the 8# chief broke. Should’ve-might’ve-could’ve been a ding within the line someplace, I suppose, so I received’t say it was a large fish. Changed the chief with model new 10# Invizix.

Undoubtedly wasn’t the beginning I used to be on the lookout for. No extra motion in any respect at that spot. Moved up river, and caught just a few and in contrast notes with Steve and Zig, who had began earlier than dawn and had been catching them regular. However earlier than lengthy the stream from the dam stopped, and the fishing slowed. Time to return on the prowl.

With the nice and cozy, sunny and calm forecast, predicting a zoo on the water was a no brainer, however the crowd was sparse after I launched early, and solely a pair boats got here north to the place Steve and I each had been. However as soon as I rode again right down to the Two Mile Island space, I needed to navigate by a crowd of boats that apparently arrived within the 90 minutes or so since I’d launched. Marked fish all the best way from to the marina.

Stopped as soon as and fished them for some time, however they had been having none of what I used to be providing. Didn’t discover any hook setting happening in the remainder of the group within reach, both. I felt like I wanted to seek out some fish in lower than 20 toes of water. These fish suspended over 25 to 40 toes of water are often a few of the hardest to catch this late within the winter.

Heading farther down river, there was an armada from the game middle to only above the shallower stretch at Sikorsky, and some extra on the higher finish of the flat under that. I saved going, and didn’t pay strict consideration to the depth sounder till I’d handed the group. Didn’t wish to cease and solid till I used to be fishing more-or-less alone.

Lastly marked the fish I used to be on the lookout for, in 12 of 15 toes of water, so I shut down and put the Terrova on spot lock. Undecided how lengthy I sat in a single spot earlier than shifting, however after 15 fish, not solely had been there noticeably fewer on the Ingredient’s display, however the bites obtained tougher to come back by, so I moved about 50 yards earlier than locking down once more.

I threw a jerkbait for some time, hoping that the 44 diploma water would have woke up no matter intuition triggers a chasing mode within the stripers. Bought one to hit it, but it surely was a variety of work for one chew, and it’d’ve been my smallest schoolie of the day. In order that rod obtained put aside for the rest of the day.

Quickly, I used to be again to throwing a Fin-S Fish on a jighead. I used to be starting to get the texture for a presentation sample. With a stronger than predicted south wind serving to the incoming tide alongside, the present was brisk, and I’d began with my traditional swing chew method, throwing up present on a few 45 diploma angle, and letting the present wash the lure down-current. Up to now, aside from the above-mentioned jerkbait fish, I’d not had a success on something heavier than 3/8 oz. I’d additionally famous that the hits had been far more frequent on a smaller than traditional bait. As a substitute of my traditional 5.75 or 7″ Fin-S Fish, I settled on 4″ Alewife on that 3/8 ozhead. Tried a 1/4 however felt like I used to be fishing over too many fish. The three/8 obtained to backside moderately rapidly, and flowed with the present fairly effectively.

No herky, no jerky

Moreover, I discovered that just about the entire motion I had got here within the first half of the swing — someplace between the place the lure landed and when it reached the purpose the place my line was perpendicular to the the boat and that the much less motion I attempted to impart to the lure, the extra often I obtained hellot.

As soon as I had settled on that 4″ bait on a 3/8 ozhead, the catches had been regular. Eliminating the underside half of the swing and simply reeling it in when the lure reached my place in its drift/retrieve had been simple changes. Attempting to current the bait with few if any twitches, bounces or jerks although — that was troublesome. I suppose I’m a twitchy man when I’ve some kind of jig type lure tied on. I used to be making an attempt to provide it a sluggish, regular retrieve with a really occasional pause to let it drift slightly extra by itself, and maybe regain its depth.

I attempted. I actually did. However I nonetheless discovered myself twitching that rod tip too damned a lot. Once I checked out a few of the video I shot, I couldn’t consider how bouncy that rod tip was. Not almost as energetic as traditional, however not fairly the sluggish, easy retrieve I imagined I used to be utilizing.

As I wore every spot out, I simply moved slightly farther down the river, till I ran out of fish. By that point, the tide was turning, and I went by a half-hour sluggish interval, earlier than the now outgoing present began to actually roll. Working my means again up river in the identical method I labored it down, nonetheless keying on lower than 15 toes of water and making an attempt my finest to retrieve the bait sluggish and regular, I saved proper on catching.

I suppose that I had toned down my usually energetic motion with the rod sufficient to maintain the schoolies comfortable, as a result of I ended up with my first hundred fish day of the 12 months. A lot of the fish had been smaller than I’d desire — within the 18 to twenty inch vary — however there have been a handful of 24 to 26 inchers and one 30 inch slot fish within the combine as effectively. Plus a salmonid. Not 100% positive whether or not it was a sea run brown trout or a salmon escapee swimming down from someplace up within the Naugatuck. If it was the previous although, it’d’ve been the skinniest brown trout in historical past.

The salmonid was as unintentional as a catch could be. I’d snagged my lure on an immovable underwater something-or-other in 10 to 12 toes of water. I electrical motored into place simply upstream of the snag, and shook the rod tip fairly energetically. It stayed caught. Shook it some extra, so much tougher this time. Immediately, I wasn’t caught any extra however my lure was headed up present very quick! When the fish jumped about 30 toes north of me, I spotted what I had, and settled in to benefit from the aquatic and airborne battle. Truly grabbed the folding internet that most likely hasn’t been out of its tube on the console in 2 years, and netted the fish, obtained the hook out and took a fast selfie earlier than inserting it again in the water. Tried to carry it by its tail and let it regain its equilibrium the best way the salmon guides do on Youtube, however this one was having none of that, and took off like a rocket.


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