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Fishing a full Mono Rig system permits for considerable versatility —  however not with out the road hand. Except you’re tight line or euro nymphing at very shut vary, then your line hand must do some work. In fact, it ought to do a number of work.

Many tight line anglers miss the significance of their line hand. However simply as we strip and hand twist to get better slack with a fly line, the identical abilities are needed whereas fishing a Mono Rig.

There are essential causes to make use of our line hand, and there are just a few methods to do it. This newest Troutbitten video covers all of it. Under the video are just a few extra paragraphs with essential particulars, together with some hyperlinks to different key Troutbitten articles for understanding what to do along with your line hand.

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Hook Setting is drastically improved by having the rod tip nearer to the flies. That’s a truth for each model of fishing. As a result of if our rod tip is eight toes off the water, now we have a greater probability at a stable hook set than if the rod tip is sixteen toes off the water. So use the road hand to get better slack as an alternative of utilizing solely the rod tip.

Casting Angles and Choices additionally profit through the use of the road hand for restoration. Utilizing solely the rod tip places us out of place, drifts grow to be shorter as a result of we run out of backcast area. And angles for the following solid can be found at a narrower vary.

Wind is a matter for each model of fishing. And for the tight line and euro nymphing angler, an excessive amount of wind takes away our tight line advantage. Utilizing the road hand permits us to maintain the rod decrease, so much less line is within the air, with much less of the sail impact on our chief.

Fishing Underneath Construction, like tree limbs, is critical for having success on many streams and rivers. Utilizing the road hand for slack restoration permits us to maintain the rod decrease — underneath the limbs, able to strike and prepared for the following solid. Doing slack restoration solely with the rod tip in such locations is a serious handicap.

Trimming the Sighter is a refined means of adjusting the angle and place of the tippet, chief and sighter, from rod tip to the water. Recovering brief lengths of line, simply after entry of the flies is well and extra effectively completed with the road hand and with a secure rod tip.

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There are 3 ways to get better line by hand:

Stripping is the best to grasp and the most well-liked. It permits for probably the most line retrieval on the quickest fee. Keep in mind that the road should first go underneath your set off finger in your rod hand, In any other case, you’ve gotten just one strip. Hook setting additionally suffers with no good set off finger.

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The Hand Twist (as seen within the video above) is okay for recovering brief lengths of line at a slower fee. It’s a good choice, however the hand twist will not be my favourite for a full Mono Rig. As an alternative, I desire a Pulley Retrieve.

The Pulley Retrieve permits for quick or sluggish restoration of about 5 to 6 toes of line. Following the pulley retrieve, you’ll be able to change to stripping or the hand twist if extra line have to be recovered.

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Lastly, don’t neglect that the rod tip can and will do a number of slack restoration whereas fishing tight line methods. And for that, there are two methods. You possibly can elevate with the rod tip or lead with the rod tip. Study to make use of them in tandem.

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You’ve gotten two arms, so use them each. Get that second hand off your hip, and use it for slack restoration, opening up a spread of choices, changes and efficiencies.

Fish laborious, buddies.


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