Hunters Should Know Turkeys Like These Foods

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Do you hunt turkey? Are you new to searching turkey or a seasoned professional? Both method, it’s good to know all about turkeys and what they eat. If you recognize what turkeys seek for, food-wise, that may assist lead you to the place the turkeys feed!

Turkeys are omnivores, which suggests they eat meals of each plant and animal origin. They have an inclination to stay with key meals staples, and now you’ll know which of them these are…


First, there’s mast, which is the botanical title for the nuts, seeds, buds or fruits of bushes and shrubs that get eaten by wildlife reminiscent of turkeys. There’s arduous mast, which incorporates arduous nuts and seeds reminiscent of acorns, beechnuts and chestnuts, and there’s gentle mast, which incorporates crabapples, black cherries, wild grapes and blueberries.


Subsequent, there’s wild (native) grasses. Turkeys will seemingly forage on grass seeds and/or the primary tender inexperienced shoots of a season. Younger turkeys will usually stay in grassland environments which offer safety cowl in addition to an out there meals supply. Grasses can embody large/little bluestem, Indiangrass, switchgrass, blue gamma grass and others.


Thirdly, turkeys eat forbs, that are broad-leaf flowering vegetation that lack woody stems. You would possibly name them weeds, however turkeys love ‘em– sunflowers, milkweed, alfalfa, ferns and wild clover are some examples.


Lastly, bugs and invertebrates are fashionable meals sources for turkeys. As younger poults, bugs are a staple for the primary few weeks of life. Older turkeys eat bugs so as to receive each protein and water. Grasshoppers, caterpillars, snails, beetles, worms and even crayfish and tadpoles are some examples of what crawling-type issues turkeys will devour.

The extra you recognize about what turkeys like, the higher hunter you may be! And if you wish to hunt turkey, Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania is the place to take action– name 570-835-5341 to plan your hunt or visit this page.

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