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Fly anglers wish to fish with a pair flies now and again. The usual methodology for attaching a second fly is run it in-line — as a trailer from the bend of the primary fly. As a substitute, I choose to create a tag dropper for that attachment. Tag droppers have huge benefits that I’ve detailed on this standard Troutbitten article from a couple of years again . . .

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However perhaps simply as essential is how we create the tag for the dropper. And I’ve three favourite ways in which I exploit for various causes and particular purposes.

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The Splice

Becoming a member of two traces and leaving an extended tag on one in all them is what I name the splice, and it’s arguably the preferred methodology for making a tag dropper.

For becoming a member of these two traces, I select the Orvis Tippet Knot, and there are a few good causes. First, this knot saves materials from the mainline, as a result of we create the tag with the added-in size of line. Second, that line additionally creates a tag that factors up and away from the mainline, as an alternative of down. And this distinction offers an actual benefit for preserving traces tangle-free.

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Blood knots are tremendous for the splice, however they’ll get a little bit tough in skinny tippet diameters. And so they present no benefit over the Orvis Tippet Knot. Likewise, the Double Surgeon’s knot is a good alternative, and possibly the preferred, however it requires the usage of the down tag, which is created by the mainline, additionally shortening that by the inches required to create the tag. Utilizing the added-in line with a Double Surgeon’s Knot, which creates an up-tag dropper, is a mistake, as a result of it forces knot breakage on even medium-sized fish.

Use the Orvis Tippet Knot, and love your life.

The Layover

What I name the layover is an in depth cousin to the splice, as a result of the tag dropper is created by the very same motions. Right here, I select the Orvis Tippet Knot once more to create the tag. A Double Surgeon’s can even create the layover, however you should — as soon as once more — use the down tag.

The layover is a superb methodology as a result of it preserves the unique size of the mainline. It additionally maintains the energy of the mainline, and I’d have a tough time arguing that it’s not stronger than the splice.

Lastly, through the use of the layover methodology for making a tag dropper, I can add skinny droppers on a thicker line. For instance, consider utilizing 4X to a tight line drop shot rig, then utilizing 6X to create the tags for a pair of #20 Zebra Midges. You get the energy of 4X to the burden and the flexibleness of 6X to the flies. It’s a neat trick.

Troutbitten Josh Darling Dropper Tags 5 2 An Orvis Tippet Knot and the up-tag.
The Add-On Line

This third methodology permits for the creation of a tag when a knot already exists on the mainline however no tag is current. With the add-on line we create a tag and slide it all the way down to the knot.

To create the tag, merely tie a uni-knot across the mainline above the present knot. Cosy the uni-knot, however don’t tighten but. First, slide the knot into place, after which tighten it down.

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The Uni-Knot right here can’t be beat. As a result of there are 5 wraps across the mainline, it’s a a lot stronger knot than selecting a Clinch, a Davy or one thing comparable. These knots have just one wrap across the mainline, which may maintain harm and break simpler. (Belief me. I discovered the exhausting manner.)

The Add-On line is a superb alternative for saving time and saving supplies.

What About Loop Droppers?

I hate ‘em. 🙂

Whereas loop droppers are the basic resolution for creating tag droppers, they’re additionally the worst. They’re clunky, they slide, and so they take extra time and materials to type. No thanks.

But when loop droppers give you the results you want, don’t let me change your thoughts.

Take Your Decide

With three good options for creating tag droppers, there’s a way for each second. And by getting every of those below your fingers, by training them and being comfy, you’ll discover makes use of for all of those strategies as you’re employed up a river.

Fish exhausting, associates.


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