Checking with Santa for any casualty reports: Hunting Valley Police Blotter


Assist (general): South Woodland Road

After a resident reported an object floating in their pond on the afternoon of Dec. 28, police checked a short time later and found that the object in question turned out to be a deceased deer. Officers advised them to contact a private animal service for removal.

Parking violation: Valley Ridge Farm, Chagrin River Road

The owner and operator of a car was given a verbal warning for prohibited parking around 4:15 p.m. on Dec. 31 and further advised on fishing in the river.

Phone message: Fairmount Boulevard

A salvage company contacted Geauga Unibody collision repair in Chesterland seeking a release on a 2013 Subaru that was taken there after being rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light — and apparently totaled — while stopped at a traffic light on Dec. 25 by a man who had allegedly just run a police cruiser off the road and is now facing drunk driving charges.

Departmental information: South Woodland Road

A caller asked officers on the afternoon of Dec. 31 to keep an extra eye on the area as their home’s alarm system was not working properly and wouldn’t be fixed until Jan. 4.

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