Take Care of Your Hunting Meat and You Will Enjoy Tasty Meals Indefinitely

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After you hunt you might need meat that you have to retailer. What are some ideas for storing searching meat?

Blood Draining

Once you get an entire skinned carcass house, hold it the other way up to permit remaining blood to empty. Drape a clear cotton sheet over the carcass. This sheet retains the meat clear but in addition permits air to maneuver throughout it (and lets warmth escape).

Boned Out Meat

Boned out meat needs to be saved in a clear and uncontaminated container. Once you rinse meat, use clear and potable water with a purpose to take away any grime, hair, and so forth. To dry the meat, pat it with a clear cotton sheet.

Hanging Meat

Hanging meat needs to be in a spot the place the temperature is between freezing and 40 levels. Clearly, wherever it’s saved needs to be clear and dry. It must also be odor free and well-ventilated. Oftentimes, hunters hold meat in garages.

Growing older Meat

Once you need to tenderize wild sport, enable the meat to age for a minimum of three or 4 days.

Freezing Meat

If you happen to’re going to retailer your meat in a freezer, air is your enemy! It would be best to preserve air out with a purpose to preserve your meat contemporary and long-lasting– use vacuum-seal packaging to perform this. If you wish to do it cheaper, wrap your meat in clear plastic wrap after which rewrap it in freezer paper– tape it shut with freezer wrap tape.

Storing Meat

When storing meat from a hunt, write the lower, species and date on the skin of the container/package deal/and so forth. In any other case you may not be certain “how previous it’s” or “what sort of meat it’s.” Ensure that your freezer is at zero levels so the meat correctly freezes.

Ideally, wrapped meat needs to be used inside one 12 months and vacuum-sealed meat needs to be used inside two years.

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