Iconic Northern Lights Holiday in Finnish Lapland

After breakfast, you will have the morning free to explore your new surroundings and explore this stunning location on the banks of the Torne River. That’s Sweden on the other side by the way.

Following lunch in the hotel, your Arctic adventure gets off to a flying start when you try dog sledding. You will go to the nearby sled dog centre where chances are, you’ll hear the excitable pack before you see them. 

You’ll receive a full safety briefing and instructions before stepping onto the sled to explore more of the snowy surroundings. It can be a tad frenetic at first (hint: keep your foot on the brake at the start) but as soon as the dogs settle into their preferred pace, their barking is replaced with soft panting, leaving you to soak up the tranquillity of the pristine environment. 

You’ll ride two people per sled with the chance to swap drivers along the way. The dog sled ride will be approximately 15km long and upon return to the centre, you will have time to thank your loyal team and take pictures with them. 

Later this afternoon, you will enjoy a northern lights workshop. During this presentation from your expert local guide, you will learn all about the aurora, from the science behind the phenomenon to some of the ancient myths and legends. A hot drink and snacks will be served, and you can ask any questions about the northern lights and life in Lapland.  

Following dinner, it’s time for your first northern lights hunt.  All aboard the Snow Train carriage as you stay warm and cosy while seeking out an area with clear cloud cover to hunt out the aurora borealis.  Your guide will drive a snowmobile which pulls the Snow Train, and guests will sit in a sleigh with a custom designed all-Perspex exterior to give you 360 views of the night sky.  Along the way, you will stop for warm drinks in a prime vantage spot. The activity will last for approximately two hours in total. 

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