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A selected sort of world occasion that may happen in a number of areas of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s map, the arrival of the Hyakki Yako (often known as the Ghost Parade) is likely one of the extra spectacle-heavy randomised encounters you may discover whereas venturing to your goal. This march of ghostly guests isn’t just for present although, with the spectral military offering you with the chance to financial institution a wholesome quantity of spirits. Profitable a number of Hyakki Yako encounters is crucial to unlocking the Hero of Shibuya trophy, so completionists should guarantee they’re on high of tackling these parades. This web page incorporates info on the places of the Hyakki Yako.


So, for these wanting to trace down the Hyakki Yako to web some EXP and money, that is all the things that you must know.

What’s The Hyakki Yako?

First showing when Hannya floods town with ghostly fog, the Hyakki Yako is a ghostly parade of wandering spirits which you can encounter roaming the open world. You will know it is close to as all any lights close by will start to flicker and you will hear the parade’s distinct music, which is a mixture of clashing symbols and drums.

When you encounter the Hyakki Yako, you will have two choices. You may cover and watch for the parade to go earlier than pushing on together with your journey, or you’ll be able to method the parade and try to take it on. The latter will see you transported to a dimension the place you battle a number of waves of enemies. Defeating them will dismiss the parade, netting you a massive variety of spirits that may be absorbed and banked at a telephone sales space.

Nevertheless, approaching the parade might be dangerous, as it is going to pit you in opposition to overwhelming numbers of enemies. The souls are price it, however you may solely handle to get them when you can efficiently banish your foes.

Methods to Discover the Hyakki Yako

Discovering the Hyakki Yako is sort of as tough as besting its waves of ghosts, ghouls and monsters. Not solely is there no particular marked spawn for this marching band of spectres, however even in areas they’re prone to seem, getting them to point out up is much from a science. It appears the parade operates on some form of in-game timer, so getting two to seem in fast succession is extremely troublesome. That being mentioned, there are some things to notice when attempting to find the Hyakki Yako.


The primary is that Shibuya Scramble Crossing (pictured above) is your go-to spot for Hyakki Yako encounters. Throughout our makes an attempt to trace down the group of roaming ghosts, the overwhelming majority of our encounters passed off whereas strolling via this space. If they don’t seem to be spawning, attempt fast-travelling to Morite Shrine subsequent to the landmark and return to the crossing or head up one of many close by roads earlier than doubling again. Returning to the realm ought to improve the chance of the occasion triggering.

Outdoors of that, you too can run into them whereas heading down most of Tokyo’s bigger streets, though the spawn fee is seemingly a lot decrease. Among the finest examples are the streets east of Shimokusa shrine, east of Mikubo Shrine and south of Shibuya Kagerie Retail Advanced (all of that are pictured above). If you cannot get the band to spawn at Shibuya Scramble Crossing or on the roads listed, your finest guess is to run up and down bigger, extra industrial streets till the Hyakki Yako spawns.

Sadly, the spawn is hard if you’re particularly attempting to set off it, so it is extra environment friendly to finish facet goals or story missions and make a degree of hopping in to battle the Hyakki Yako if you inevitably encounter it. Nevertheless, the Shibuya Scramble Crossing ought to present essentially the most dependable spawn when you’re determined.

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