Doctor Who Legend of the Sea Devils questions and theories

Beginning with a fast historical past lesson…

Who was the true Madame Ching?

Crystal Yu as Madame Ching in Doctor Who


Sure, Madame Ching (aka Zheng Yi Zhao, amongst different names) was an actual historic pirate, and loads of what we hear within the episode is true. She was roughly probably the most profitable pirate ever, in truth, commanding an unlimited fleet of 3-400 pirate ships with 20,000-60,000 males on the peak of her energy.

Born in 1775, she married a pirate referred to as Zheng Yi when she was 26, and upon his loss of life took over his pirate confederation. To study extra about her life, you may try our information to the true historical past of this episode of Physician Who elsewhere on – Huw Fullerton

What was the Sea Devils’ plan?

Doctor Who Legend Of The Sea Devils


In case you tuned out or obtained somewhat wrapped up in different elements of the episode, right here’s what the Sea Devils have been as much as on this episode. First off, their boss had been became a statue by the magic keystone. That was undone by accident by Madame Ching (Crystal Yu), after which the opposite Sea Devils wakened from their centuries-long catnap to select up their head honcho.

Their subsequent transfer? Get their palms on the keystone, which was… someplace. After they discovered it, they might use its powers and their superior know-how to… effectively, the Physician (Jodie Whittaker) in all probability defined it finest.

“You’re making an attempt to flip the Earth’s geomagnetic poles – north to south, south to north, longitude to latitude. That’s why even the celebrities really feel like they’re shifting.

“You wanna create chaos. Soften the ice. Shift the present. Change the strain, till the entire Earth is flooded.”

“We’re reclaiming what was ours – it’s our proper, and it’s our time,” Marsissus (Craige Els) replies.

In different phrases, the Sea Devils need to wipe out the “land-crawlers” (aka you, me and the remainder of the human race) and take again their planet. Presumably this was additionally their plan within the 1500s earlier than it was derailed by Ji-Hun.

Undecided how their family members the Silurians would really feel about being drowned out, however hey – it’s each monster from the daybreak of time for themselves. – HF

What was the keystone and what are its powers?


A lot of Legend of the Sea Devils considerations numerous characters trying to find a MacGuffin often called “the keystone”, which was uncovered by Ji-Hun as a part of the misplaced treasure of the Flor de la Mar. Ji-Hun guarded the keystone till the Sea Devils got here calling in 1533, sending it off-ship with one in all his crew – and that crew member’s descendant is Ying Ki (Marlowe Chan-Reeves), who nonetheless holds the merchandise in 1807, 274 years later.

However what really is the keystone, and what are its talents? Ji-Hun calls it a “formidable gem with infinite powers”, telling the Physician and Yaz (Mandip Gill). “Maintain the important thing stone and you could change the course of the world – freeze life and time, transport matter.” (It can be used to “used to entomb aggressors”, which is how that one Sea Satan ended up as a residing statue.)

The keystone, it transpires, is definitely Sea Satan know-how (or as Ji-Hun places it, “the huge misplaced energy of a demon race from beneath our waters”) – a crystal that, at the side of the Sea Devils’ different gadgets, can flip the Earth’s geomagnetic poles, permitting the aquatic villains to soften the ice, shift the present, change the strain till the entire Earth is flooded.”

How precisely it does this, what the boundaries of its energy could be, and for what objective the Sea Devils designed the keystone within the first place – presuming it was created, and never found – isn’t made solely clear. Let’s simply say it’s a magic gem and be completed with it. – Morgan Jeffery

When did the Sea Devils get so high-tech?

The Doctor with her sonic screwdriver


Talking of, the place and when did the Sea Devils choose up all their newest high-tech gear?

The variations we noticed in 1972’s The Sea Devils and 1984’s Warriors of the Deep weren’t precisely cavemen – regardless of, y’know, really coming from a time earlier than cavemen – with laser weapons to fend off enemies and transport capsules to maneuver about, however the breed right here actually seem like a lower above, with a high-tech headquarters, a flying ship (tailored from a human craft to “instil concern within the land-crawlers”) and the facility to teleport.

It’s essential to recollect, in fact, that the Sea Devils / Silurians are a complete race of creatures, and very similar to the human race, may effectively be divided into completely different ethnicities and completely different settlements, every with its personal tradition. This may clarify the distinction in not simply know-how however clothes between these Sea Devils and ones we’ve glimpsed prior to now – although we’ll be sincere, we type of miss the fishing internet outfits. – MJ

Was the ocean monster a Myrka?

The Myrka in Doctor Who

The Myrka in Physician Who: Warriors of the Deep BBC

When followers caught sight of an unlimited ocean-dwelling monster bearing down on Madame Ching’s ship in a teaser for Legend of the Sea Devils, they instantly started speculating as as to whether stated sea creature could be a Myrka.

For these of you not within the know, the Myrka appeared within the 1984 serial Warriors of the Deep, the one story to this point to function each the Sea Devils and their land-dwelling cousins the Silurians. One of many least convincing creatures in Physician Who’s future, the Myrka was ostensibly a genetically-modified dinosaur-type creature, unleashed by the Silurians in instances of battle – however on-screen, it appeared extra like a pantomime horse.

Spin-off media has since sought to revive the Myrka’s popularity, with books, comedian strips and audio performs all in a position to depict it as a relatively extra fearsome foe – in truth, the Large End play Bloodtide from 2001 even sees an unlimited Myrka emerge from the ocean to assault a ship.

The creature seen in Legend of the Sea Devils, although, is known as the “Hua-Shen” and is taken into account a legendary beast by Madame Ching and Ying Ki – this has some foundation in actual fable, with the “shen” or “chen” being a sea monster in Chinese language mythology, an “aquatic dragon” with the facility to alter its form.

It’s possible, then, that this can be a completely different creature solely to the Myrka – in spite of everything, in 1970’s Physician Who and the Silurians, the eponymous monsters used one other type of dinosaur-type creature, resembling a T-Rex, as their guard canine. It appears the Silurians and the Sea Devils have a veritable zoo of those beasts at their disposal. – MJ

How did Ji-Hun survive?

Doctor Who

Talking of Sea Satan tech, when you’re somewhat unclear as to how Ji-Hun (Arthur Lee) was saved completely preserved for nearly three centuries, it’s value remembering that the Silurians and Sea Devils solely survived themselves due to superior cryogenic know-how – thousands and thousands of years in the past, they used this know-how to enter a type of stasis after they feared the Earth was at risk, with humanity solely rising because the dominant species on the planet when their reptilian forebears laid dormant for longer than anticipated attributable to a technical snafu. 

Presumably, a tweaked model of this stasis tech can be used to carry prisoners like Ji-Hun hostage, held like a fly in amber… who is aware of what number of different figures from historical past the Sea Devils might need locked up someplace, ready to emerge right into a bewildering future? – MJ

Are you able to flood the TARDIS?

The Doctor stepping out of the TARDIS


The Physician takes her ship to the very depths of the ocean in an effort to uncover the wreck of a pirate ship as soon as captained by Ji-Hun, all half of a bigger plan to get better the misplaced treasure of the Flor de la Mar, with a purpose to discount with pirate queen Madame Ching and study extra of what she is aware of in regards to the Sea Satan’s plot (Do attempt to sustain).

Yaz expects the TARDIS to flood when the Physician opens its doorways underwater – however the Time Lord explains that the craft is surrounded by a protect which retains them secure in an oxygen bubble (and in addition, fairly presumably, protects their transport from being crushed by the large quantities of strain that exist on the ocean ground).

Both this can be a new(-ish) innovation or the Physician is ready to disable it at will, since again within the 1981 serial Logopolis, the Fourth Physician (Tom Baker) deliberate to flood the TARDIS by materialising underwater and opening the doorways, in a relatively unorthodox effort to eject the invading Grasp (Anthony Ainley) from the ship.

We by no means obtained to seek out out if the Physician’s cockamamie scheme would work, since he missed his mark and landed on a ship as a substitute of beneath the waves – however given the TARDIS inside is seemingly nearly limitless, would it not even be bodily potential to completely fill it with water?  

By no means say we don’t ask the large questions right here at – MJ

Did Dan homicide a bunch of Sea Devils?


We knew he was fairly useful with a cast-iron skillet, however who would have anticipated Dan to be such a cold-blooded warrior?

Simply moments after the Physician decried the loss of life of the Sea Devils’ chief, John Bishop’s plucky plasterer grabbed a sword and sliced a few half-dozen of them down no downside. No recriminations, no guilt, (apparently) no blood – Dan simply obtained a congrats from Ji-Hun and so they left the cooling our bodies on the flooring behind them.

Possibly all of the fan conversations about Evil Dan had some bearing in spite of everything? You possibly can’t deny it – he’s good at this… – HF

Is that this how or why Dan leaves the TARDIS?

Doctor Who Legend Of The Sea Devils


At this stage, it appears fairly sure that we’ll be getting an enormous shake-up with the Doctor Who cast, with Mandip Gill and John Bishop anticipated to go away the present alongside Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall this autumn. Actually, the one query is… how will they go?

And we could have had our first clue in Legend of the Sea Devils. In the direction of the top of the episode, Dan takes a name from his former flame Diane (Nadia Albina) who obtained in a huff with him for, er, not getting captured by the identical aliens as her throughout collection 13 (we’re nonetheless somewhat confused on that time). Anyway, it seems she could be providing a rapprochement, and Dan appears eager to see her once more by the story’s shut (although hopefully, he’ll change his outfit earlier than he sees her).

“Are you gonna be again right here any time quickly?” she asks him, his reply left unsaid. Possibly that is how Dan leaves the TARDIS – he goes again to his life in Liverpool to be with Diane. Possibly that’s the place the trio will head subsequent, dropping him off in present-day England. Stranger issues have occurred.

As for a way or why Yaz would go away, although? That’s a bit extra sophisticated. – HF

What is going to occur with the Physician and Yaz?

Yaz (Mandip Gill) and the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) in Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils

BBC Studios/James Pardon

Legend of the Sea Devils moved issues alongside somewhat for the Physician and Yaz, with the Physician admitting that she shared Yaz’s feelings however couldn’t act on them for numerous causes (implied to be due to the Physician’s personal foretold loss of life).

Now, with only one episode to go earlier than Jodie Whittaker’s regeneration, it’s arduous to see how this story may very well be resolved – as a result of we all know Mandip Gill can be leaving the present. As we all know her now, it appears not possible to think about Yaz abandoning the Physician, not to mention at a time when she’s most susceptible. So what’s going to alter?

It appears unlikely they’d kill Yaz off – there are unfavorable tropes across the loss of life of queer characters that the BBC could be eager to keep away from, and it’d be a little bit of a downbeat ending earlier than the Physician’s regeneration.

Extra doubtless, it looks as if Yaz will probably be pressured to desert her time-travelling life for some cause. Catherine Tate’s Donna needed to have her recollections wiped for her personal safety – possibly we may see one thing comparable right here. Possibly some foe of the Physician’s will attempt to use Yaz in opposition to the Physician, doing one thing to her that may forestall her following the Physician around the universe any extra.

Mandip Gill and Jodie Whittaker on the set of Doctor Who

Mandip Gill and Jodie Whittaker on the set of Physician Who BBC Studios/James Pardon

Maybe the Physician will realise the hazards to Yaz herself. We all know the Physician will face nice challenges within the centenary/regeneration episode, and she or he would possibly determine Yaz is best off with out that fixed hazard.

Or possibly it’d be Yaz’s selection. We’ve seen Freema Agyeman’s Martha Jones depart the TARDIS life after the Physician didn’t requite her romantic emotions, so maybe Yaz will determine she’s higher off making a traditional life with another person. It is also that Yaz isn’t such a fan of the following incarnation of the Physician post-regeneration, and may’t think about a life with somebody who isn’t “her” Physician.

Nevertheless it’s achieved, it’ll be fascinating to look at the entire thing play out. With only one episode to wrap this complete storyline up, we don’t envy Chris Chibnall making an attempt to string that needle. – HF

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